Elizabeth Ramirez Child & Family Counseling


Therapy Goals I Address with Clients

I have extensive training and practice to support clients with mental, emotional and relational concerns. Please review some of the therapy topics I attend to in treatment...
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Child Therapy

I work with children using Play Therapy, a child-centered and parent-involved model. I am a Registered Play Therapist and continue advancing my skills.

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Anxiety Resolution

Managing the many pressures in life takes support, skills and practice.

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Relationship Goals

Learning healthy ways of being with others leads to a more satisfying life.

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My Availability

I offer therapy visits Monday through Friday by appointment.
For confidential video sessions, I use the VSee Clinic
Current clients can sign into the Simple Practice Client Portal. You can request an appointment, send a secure message, make payments and share documents. 
New clients need to contact me to discuss how to begin.