Elizabeth Ramirez Child & Family Counseling


About Me

I approach therapy with the belief that we all seek well-being and a healthy balance. My therapy method includes collaborating with you to apply the best approach to your concerns. I make use of the therapy relationship to assist clients.

I apply a culturally relevant perspective to the therapy experience. I understand life is molded by personal, family, social and situational influences. I recognize your life perspective is a significant part of the therapy process. 

I am a native Spanish speaker welcoming you to express yourself in the language you are most comfortable.

Registered Play Therapist

Play therapy is the model I integrate into my work with children. Children express themselves and understand the world through play. Parents and caregivers also participate to reach the therapy goals.

EMDR Certified Therapist

I have included EMDR Therapy in my practice for over 12 years. Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from symptoms as well as emotional distress that can result from disturbing life experiences.


I am aware that I am shaped by my life experiences such as being an immigrant, the languages that I speak, and my gender. I value how a person defines themself and their own life experience. I practice therapy with curiosity, perspective-taking and collaborating.

Therapy Visits

My therapy office  is set up to work with children and adults.

I set telehealth visits with the VSee Clinic, this is a confidential video service.